Mattertal Valley

It ranks among the most impressive features of the Valais and is rich in natural resources: 30-kilometer long Mattertal Valley, which stretches from Stalden to Zermatt. Ice and rocky steppes, 29 four-thousand meter peaks and numerous vineyards, deep ravines and high Alpine ski lifts, seclusion and world-class health resorts all characterize a valley that fascinates with its stark contrasts and whose gripping scenic aesthetics…are simply liberating. Arctic temperatures in the Alps’ highest ski area at the Klein-Matterhorn in winter and hot summer days in Steppenrasen ob Zermatt – still, we’re on the same latitude as…Lugano!

(Author: Schmidt Gerhard (Biologist)

st-niklausSt. Niklausis located 1100 meters above sea level, with particularly narrow Nikolaital Valley wedged in at this location. Steep slopes, imposing mountains and rock faces surround it. A special feature of the mountain village is its manufacturing facility. Scintilla AG St. Niklaus employs some 400 persons and is of great importance for the region.

randaRanda, 1409 meters above sea level, is a charming Valais village. Set in the midst of lush green meadows, surrounded by fragrant larch forests, the charming, friendly village lies in romantic Mattertal Valley and is towered over by the famous four-thousand meter peaks of the southern Valais Alps. Randa is a typical mountain village with ambience and is a recommended spot for active summer and winter holidays.

zermattZermatt is the idyllic mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn and has developed into one of the world’s most important summer and winter health resorts. There are no motor vehicles in Zermatt. Horse-drawn sleighs and carriages are the only permitted means of transport, in addition to electric vehicles. Zermatt offers the best conditions for relaxing and peaceful holidays.

GRAECHEN - Eine Familie spaziert durch das Dorf Graechen im Oberwallis. Famillie dans la village Graechen. A family strolls through the village of Graechen. Copyright by Touristische Unternehmung Graechen By-line: PerretAt 1620 m above sea level, Grächen lies high above Zermattertal Valley on a broad, spectacular and sunny terrace with a fantastic view of the highest peaks of the Alps. The cozy mountain village is characterized by picturesque hiking trails along 400 year old watercourses, Valaisan houses burned brown by the sun, colorful natural meadows and, of course, the Europaweg high trail, which is largely car-free. The sun shines a total of 299.5 days a year and thus offers optimal conditions for

taeschTäsch is a typical Valais village where a slice of nature becomes an experience. As a suburb of Zermatt, one of the world’s renown health resorts, Täsch offers you the full spectrum of possibilities to make your holiday a varied and interesting experience. We’ll leave the choice between relaxation and activity to you.

Current trail information

The Europaweg is open from Grächen to Randa.

Please note:
The Europaweg trail requires challenging mountain hikes and is classified as T3 on the SAC difficulty scale.